FIDIC and ACES Round Table: “Potential exports of engineering services from Serbia”

Within the framework of FIDIC training – Module 1, held in October 2009., ACES with the support of FIDIC held a round table with the idea to examine the potential of Serbian companies in foreign markets.

Speakers were dr. Silvia Fossati, FIDIC training manager, Bojan Janković, Deputy Director of the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA), John Cassano, a representative of the US Green Building Council and consultant of USAID Serbia Competitiveness, and Nikola Matić, member of the Board ACES, and director of VMS, a company co-founder of ACES. The panel discussion was prepared and led by member Nikola Matic, who on behalf of ACES, presented one of the possible business model.

There was a question of strategic orientation, previous experiences of domestic construction companies, reviewing competitiveness, planning and approaching international standards as a starting point.

The round table was followed by the media and resulted in a large number of newspaper articles and TV shorter contributions on Studio B TV and RTS 1.

As a conclusion to the round table it was presented the proposal to formalize Eurocodes (EN standards) for the construction, to implement other European standards, wherever possible, in the interest to develop the domestic sector investment and export potential. It also underlined the need for better communication between the Consulting Engineers and exchange of experience on similar gatherings.

On behalf of ACES, a call was made to all  people who are considered to be socially responsible to improve care and take action on environmental protection and energy efficiency.


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