Establishment of The Construction Dispute Resolution Center within ACES

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the Construction Dispute Resolution Center (CDR Center) has been established within ACES.

The CDR Center is established as a new body, specialized in the administration of various procedures for resolving disputes in the field of construction. Its aim is to improve the expertise and professionalism in the resolution of construction-related disputes, which distinguishes the CDR Center compared to other institutions in the region.

The CDR Center opens its doors to everyone, but especially to those parties and disputes arising out of the projects in Serbia and the countries of the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Northern Macedonia).

The main tasks of the CDR Center are: (1) reduction of administrative costs; (2) simplicity and efficiency of dispute resolution procedures; and (3) expertise and
construction experience of the persons involved in the dispute settlement proceedings, to be competitive to both regional and international dispute resolution bodies.

Special emphasis will be on including local reputable experts with good knowledge of both construction opportunities in
the region, as well as the applicable legislation. In this way, the CDR Center will ensure its credibility as well as the confidence of the parties to the dispute.

The preparation of the rulebook for the work of the CDR Center is in progress, and the beginning of work of the CDR Center is planned in the second quarter of 2021.


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