The ninth meeting of ACES General Assembly – 25 May 2016

At the ninth meeting of the Assembly of ACES General Assembly, which was held on Wednesday 25 May 2016 at the premises of Energoprojekt, unanimously adopted a report on the work of the Association for 2015 and report on the financial operations of the Association for 2015. The work plan and budget for 2016 were also presented and unanimously adopted.

Attendees were addressed by prof. Dr. Dragoslav Šumarac, President of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers and Tamara Borovcanin from USAID BEP (Business Enabling Project). After their presentations took to the adoption of the agenda items.

At the Assembly was presented ,,Statement in Support of Quality of Engineering and Architectural Services” which was adopted and signed by ACES, the Association of Architects of Serbia (UAS) and the Association of Belgrade Architects (DAB). The theme of the Statement refers to the need to achieve a comfortable and effective public spending in the field of engineering and architectural services in the Republic of Serbia. The Statement was approved and signed by Jaewan Lee, President of FIDIC and Flemming Pedersen Bligaard, President of EFCA that is in line with the recommendations of the European Commission. Meetings were held with the Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure, EBRD, EIB and WB to obtain support for the adoption of the Statement in our country.

Also, it was introduced National PRO List of Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia. National PRO List of Experts recognizes the following categories of experts: Experts of technical disciplines, Lawyers and Adjudicators. The Governing Board of ACES has made a decision on establishment of National PRO List of Experts modeled on the FIDIC “President’s List” and practices.

After the completion of the ninth Assembly Dragana Cukic, ACES Board member gave a presentation on the topic of the Law on Planning and Construction – the experience of implementation.

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