We are pleased to present you the third EFCA annual release of Future trends in the Consulting Engineers Industry.

ACES, as a full member of EFCA, has been granted the exclusive right to give you direct access to this document.

Kevin RuddenMaurizio Boi and Nikola Matic participated in the preparation of the brochure, with the great support of Maximillan Grauvogl, Chirstophe Castaing and Jan Van der Putten.

These are main themes of the previous brochures:

“The 2018 Future Trends booklet looked at new “disruptive” technologies and revolutionary processes, and identified potential exponential models of evolution in the consulting engineering sector.
The 2019 edition focused on innovative, anticipatory strategies in new management models and how to make decisions by analysing data and information using these powerful new tools together with cognitive collaboration.
The 2020 booklet looks into the right mix of practical aspects and applications in these innovations within our specific field. It looks at the right combinations of technologies and techniques to adopt with various clients in different markets, taking into account the size of the company.”

See the latest Booklet.

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