The Third Meeting of ACES General Assembly, March 29th, 2010.

At the third session of the Assembly Association, report on the work of the Association since July 2009 until March 2010, and report on the financial operations of the Association in 2009. Year was adopted. The amendments to the Statute for re-registration (in accordance with the Law on Associations), and the decision on the appointment of the Association’s representatives: Milos Schwartz, president and Zoran Djordjevic, Vice-President, were also adopted.

Assembly of the Association adopted the proposed work plan and the financial operations plan of the Association for 2010 year.
Due to enforcement of the new Law on Associations, adopted in July 2009 and started to be deployed in October 2009 the Association, in cooperation with the law firm “Specht” prepared necessary documents for re-registration. Records of the Associations, under the new Law, will lead the Agency for Business Registers, unlike previous periods in which the association was registered with the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Government. Re-registration of the Association under the new law requires less Compliance of the Statute of the Association, as well as making decisions on the appointment of the representatives of the Association.

Association will submit to Agency for Business Registers at the beginning of April 2010 all necessary documentation.

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