Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia became a member of FIDIC, on September 16th, 2009!

At the annual FIDIC conference, held from 13 to 16 September 2009. London, ACES was admitted a full member of FIDIC.

At the annual meeting of the General Assembly of FIDIC, on the occasion of receiving ACES in FIDIC, Chairman of the Board Milos Schwartz gave a presentation that was included into the official documents of the Conference. The presentation can be found at

The President and Vice president of the Board, Milos Schwartz and Dr. Zoran Djordjevic, participated in the Conference. Numerous contacts with delegations from a large number of national member associations were made. With present representatives of EFCA – European Association of Consulting Engineers, contact has been made and it was agreed to develop future cooperation between the ACES and the EFCA-e, which should lead to membership of ACES in EFCA.

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