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Summarized in 4 Modules, International Trainings are conducted by FIDIC accredited Trainers: International experts with thorough knowledge of FIDIC Contracts and business practices worldwide.

Local Trainings are conducted in Serbian language and will provide systematic and practical guidance on FIDIC Contracts, local legislations and business practices.

In House Trainings are personalized trainings prepared with specific needs of your organization in mind.


International FIDIC Trainings

Internationale FIDIC trainings, ACES as a national FIDIC association in Serbia, performs them in cooperation with the very FIDIC (headquarters in Geneva).

The official language of the training is english 76/5000 Translate from: Bosnian and after each two-day training (out of a total of 4 training courses), the participants receive International certificate issued by FIDIC in Geneva.


Lokalne Trainings

Local Trainings are held by domestic lecturers, and they are engaged in the application of FIDIC contracts on our premises. Bearing in mind that the drafting and implementation of each FIDIC contract must be adapted to the local legislation in which the project is being implemented, these trainings are very important for the successful implementation of FIDIC contracts in Serbia / the region.

The official language of the training is Serbian and after a two-day training, the participants will receive a Local / Regional Certificate issued by the National FIDIC Association in Serbia. There is only one type of local training.


In-House Trainings

For bigger internal teams within a company, in-house trainings may be the best option. These seminars are designed and prepared with specific needs of your organization in mind.

In-house rates depend on the number of participants and your specific requirements.

Feel free to contact us at or call us on +381 62 640 951, +381 62 640 941, +381 62 640 956 and we will prepare an offer especially for you.


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