FIDIC (Fédération International Des Ingénieurs – Conseils)


International Federation of Consulting Engineers FIDIC (Fédération International Des Ingénieurs – Conseils) is the largest worldwide organization for internationally recognized standards in managing construction projects. FIDIC was founded in 1913 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It represents business interests of the consulting engineering industry globally with 103 national associations as its members, and over 1.5 million consulting engineers within its network. FIDIC defines standardized models of contracts for different types of construction projects, reducing project risks and protecting the interests of all stakeholders. FIDIC standards provide legal protection, enhanced safety and decrease possibility of corruption.

In this manner, transparency of the process and investor’s trust are built, facilitating project management and enabling risk detection and easier problem resolution in early phases of the project, to the satisfaction of the contracted parties. FIDIC members endorse the Code of Ethics, which demands professional competence, impartiality, open and fair competition.

Fore more about FIDIC, please visit www.fidic.org.



By officially joining FIDIC on September 16, 2009 as a full member, the Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia (ACES) has taken the honor and the responsibility to promote the highest standards in construction as a FIDIC chapter for the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Membership in FIDIC provides Serbian companies international credibility and allows them to bid on larger and more complex international projects, thereby increasing revenue and jobs in the Serbian construction, engineering and consulting sectors.

As a result, ACES members stand to become more competitive, to expand their business and promote the role of consulting engineers in managing construction projects. As Peter Boswell, FIDIC Executive Director, has stated: “Consulting engineering is a global business with uniform standards, and FIDIC membership is not only about bringing new business but also about influencing how business is done. For Serbia, FIDIC membership will facilitate EU funding because all terms and conditions in the sector are FIDIC-based and you have to know what they are. We congratulate Serbia on becoming a member.”

In cooperation with the national association and local partners, FIDIC organizes trainings, seminars, conferences, and other events, and publishes international contracts and business practice documents, to meet the following objectives:


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