ACES, as a permanent member of the International FIDIC, its main goal is to represent the interests of FIDIC in the Republic of Serbia.

In recent years, since its founding in 2009 until today, ACES recognized a problem in the proper use of recommendations and principles stipulated releases FIDIC 1999 contract models, especially in Clause 20, which refers to CLAIMS, DISPUTES and ARBITRATION. Although the large number of contracts per FIDIC 1999 contract models implemented or is in the course of realization of the mentioned period, it was not notarized nor a request for the establishment of the Committee for the Resolution of Disputes (DAB - Dispute Adjudication Board), whose engagement is strongly recommended under the FIDIC 1999 contract models.

The establishment of national PRO lists, users of FIDIC contract models will be able to choose from a list of suggested members to work in DAB, according to all that is provided for the release of FIDIC 1999 contract models.

Please find attached a table with the candidates who are enrolled on the National PRO List of experts.

In order to cover wider range of service provision Board of Directors ACES has decided that, in addition to the list of recommended Adjudicators that will be selected for DAB - the Committee for resolution of disputes includes additional categories of professionals dealing with compensation claims and consultations in various fields.

National PRO List of Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia identifies the following categories of experts:

  • Experts of technical disciplines
  • Lawyers
  • Adjudicators

In accordance with this division there are three types of PRO list:

  • List PRO 1 and List PRO 2 that point to the experts in the field of consulting services, legal services, the interpretation of the legislation, the calculation of the quantity and quality and Claims.
  • List PRO 3 points to experienced professionals operating on the basis of DAB (Dispute Adjudication Board)-the Committee for resolution of disputes, in accordance with FIDIC contract models.

The Commission meets twice a year - in March and September, and applications for admission to the PRO list are collected and evaluated in months in between.


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